Natural looking cosmetic restorations

Traditional restorations such as fillings, crowns and onlays were made out of a silver metal mixture called amalgam. Alternatively, gold would be used due to its unreactive properties. both of these metals have their downfalls including amalgam weakening and cracking natural teeth and gold wearing down quickly. Both of these metals are also rather unsightly when placed in the mouth and do not look natural or aesthetically pleasing.
Nowadays most cosmetic dentists use more modern materials for restorations including ceramic and composite resin. Ceramic is an excellent material for replacing teeth with as it is strong, durable, and hypoallergenic and importantly – white. Ceramic looks feels and functions just like a natural tooth and as a result is being used more and more to create bridges, veneers and crowns as well as inlays and onlays.
Composite resin is also a great material for creating cosmetic restorations that look natural. Composite resin is an expensive material – more expensive gram for gram than gold in fact. It is used to fill cracked, broken or chipped teeth and in some cases can also be used to veneer teeth. It is applied in a paste form and moulded by the dentist into the desired shape; the result of the finished work is all down to the individual dentist’s expertise and artistic ability. Composite resin sets fast so it only taken around 15 minutes or so to fix a tooth using it. It is a hard and brittle material when set and as a result it does not last for as long as ceramic, amalgam or gold. Composite restorations usually need replacing after 5 years or so although they can often last for a lot longer if looked after correctly. Composite resin restorations look very realistic and just like natural teeth is done correctly, composite resin is available in all sorts of shades so it can be made to resemble the patients natural tooth colour.

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Implants are another fantastic way to achieve a natural looking restoration. Implants are used to replace missing teeth and are essentially a replacement tooth root made out of titanium. They are implanted into the patients jaw and a crown is attached to it after the implant has healed and adhered to the bone. Implants look, function and feel completely natural and will last a lifetime if they are looked after correctly. They are the best way to replace missing teeth and many patients forget they have even had an implant after a few years as they are so realistic. Implants are quite and expensive option, usually costing in the region of £2000 per tooth.
It is without a doubt that it is extremely important for cosmetic restorations to look and feel natural. We are judged on how we look, how we dress and how we smile both socially and professionally and a mouthful of poorly placed implants or metal crowns looks awful.
The skill of the dentist is usually a determining factor as to the success of a realistic looking restoration so it is important that patients only undergo cosmetic dental work with a cosmetic dentist they can trust to be talented.